Techtronic Co., Ltd.

Techtronic Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of SR in 2017, engaged in the business of selling and installing all kinds of equipment related to liquid flow meter maintenance.

Techtronic Co., Ltd. has more than 17 years of experience operating the liquid flow meter business group in the liquid flow metering business which is important in various industrial sectors such as the crude oil and natural gas industry, Petroleum industry, petrochemical industry, aviation industry, beverage and food industry, manufacturing industry and other industries including power plants. Our strength is an experienced technic team who can provide excellent service from project management, system design and programming to on-site installation.

The nature of Techtronic Co., Ltd.’s business focuses on flow measurement, process control systems, energy savings in the use of air, steam, NG, and consulting for truck/marie loading systems including heating wires in the pipe system.


TKS Venture Co., Ltd., CAPS Co., Ltd., and BUPS Co., Ltd.

TKS Venture Co., Ltd., CAPS Co., Ltd., and BUPS Co., Ltd. operate the business of parking building management including commercial space owned by Thammasat University Hospital. (Rangsit Center), Chiang Mai Airport, Burapha University Hospital.


Joint Venture

Siamraj and Teekatas Joint Venture Co., Ltd. (JST)

The company operates the business of designing and constructing office buildings through a joint venture with Teekatat Company Limited under the name of Joint Venture Siamraj and Teekatat Company Limited (JST), the joint venture proportion of 59.99%.