The 2nd Siamraj Ruam Jai Blood Donation Activity 2022

Come back again with “Blood Donation Activity with Siamraj Plc.,” This donation is the 2nd time in 2022 Siamraj Plc. has campaigned for employees to donate blood to help the medical team and patients who need blood for the Thai Red Cross Society. The Covid-19 situation still affects the number of people who donate blood to the Thai Red Cross Society due to concerns about the risk of infection from the epidemic.

Siamraj Plc. organized a blood donation activity through the COVID-19 crisis on Friday, September 2, 2022, at the Siam Rajathanee Building area by inviting employees from Siamraj Public Company Limited and those interested in donating blood to the Thai Red Cross Society and we have received great cooperation. During the blood donation process, the team of doctors and nurses from the Thai Red Cross Society closely cared for the donors and gave souvenirs to those who donate blood like bread and juice.

In this activity, there were 41 people registered to donate blood. The total number of people who can donate are 39 people. Siamraj Public Company Limited has planned to donate the next blood in December 2022, asking everyone to stay healthy. Let’s come together to donate a lot of blood next time.