Key Development of Company

02-Feb-15 The company had transformed into the public company and changed its name to be Siamraj Public Company Limited and increased its registered capital from 255 MB to be 300 MB by issuing new ordinary shares for 75,000,000 shares with a par value of 1.00 baht for the offering ordinary shares to the public.
27-Aug-15 The par value of the ordinary share had changed to be 0.50 baht.
11-Nov-15 The company had listed on the Market for Alternative Investment.
30-Nov-16 Stopped operation at Kam Paeng Pet and Pitsanulok NGV gas station.
30-Dec-16 Stopped “Siamrajathanee and Engineering Product Joint Venture.
04-Jan-17 The Natural Gas for Vehicles Business Unit had developed the variety of Business without focusing solely on the Natural Gas Business, but they had studied and marketed on the alternative energy related businesses such as solar energy and fuel products which they also changed the business group name to be the Energy Business Group instead.
18-May-17 The company had established a new subsidiary “SR Power Holding Co., Ltd.” to engage in the manufacturing and distribution of electricity using solar energy and other energy businesses.